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  • Jenny

    At the end of June, I was in agony with my neck and shoulder. I was sure it was a lot of computer work causing the problem. I booked a course of massage, acupuncture and cupping treatment. I am coming to the end of the course and I can feel a vast improvement.

    I would highly recommended Dr.Ding and her staff. I feel they have worked miracles, as I no longer feel the deep burning pain I used to feel and I am now sleeping much better.



  • Tony

    I had tension and pain in my neck and upper back following an accident. I am having acupuncture, massage and cupping with Dr. Ding. I am now coming to the end of my first curse of treatments and have found it very beneficial. She has worked wonders with my neck and seems to know every place I am getting pain. Definitely worth visiting this lovely lady and the girls working in the clinic are very helpful.

  • Julie

    I want to thank Dr. Ding and all the consultants at Rickmansworth clinic for all their support they have given me. I suffered with fatigue, bloating, tiredness and IBS. And have physically seen that I no longer suffer with these ailments. The service is excellent, the team are very polite and very helpful. I have been touched by their willing to help me lose weight. I recommend them a 100%. And hope you visit them, and get the results you looking for.

  • Mary

    "I really felt worn out when I arrived, fell asleep twice on your massage table, and then felt wide awake and refreshed.  What’s in that massage oil?"


    I recommend this place to anyone!

  • Steve

    "I'm always surprised how much stress my body carries around, even when I think I've got it out of my head." Thank you

    "I need my monthly MOT massage."




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